A Snarkier, Spicier Alaskan Twilight



Rating: 4/5 stars

Aurora and her red scarf take down some baddie vamps in Part I of this series. Totally worth the $.99 for the Kindle edition.

Nothing bothers me more than a leading man who’s too perfect. Fane Donado is anything but, as we learn in the first few pages of this Twilight-esque tale. Our hero,  a wierd-looking, skinny guy with “unfortunate hair,” whiles away high school gym class sucking face with a red-headed vixen named Valerie in the bleachers while classmate Aurora Sky looks on in disgust. Not the most auspicious beginning for an epic romance, but it certainly caught my interest- and made me laugh. As the series progresses, we learn more about the mysterious Fane (turns out he has killer abs!) and why, despite his bizarre looks, Aurora is drawn to him.

This book is a snarkier, edgier, more explicit take on the “ Twilight” formula, with a car accident as the catalyst for Aurora’s transformation from a “bland Bella” to a bad-assed hunter of vamps. The new Aurora is attracted to weird-but-sexy bad boy Fane, who of course is a big ole softie under all the mesh and piercings. Then comes the obligatory love triangle, with quite possibly the only white guy named “Dante” ever (besides, you know, Dante) entering the picture as Aurora’s mentor and partner in vampire hunting. Dante is a great character- hilarious, totally inappropriate, and a refreshing foil to the brooding Aurora as she struggles with her new life.  Best of all is the setting, which plays a starring role on every page of Jeffords book as the characters interact with and inhabit the stark, arctic beauty of the Alaskan landscape.

The plot twists in this series are so predictable even the protagonists aren’t that surprised by them, but the first person-narration makes it work (i.e., “I always knew on some level that..blah blah blah..but I didn’t want to admit it to myself…” etc.) Jeffords also puts some effort into explaining vampirism as a result of a certain blood type’s reaction to disease. However, we don’t read paranormal romance for the plot, do we, fellow readers? It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey, and the snappy dialogue, flawed, yet likable characters, and vivid Alaskan setting make this one you will enjoy.

Oh, snap! Evil Red mixes it up while Aurora gets it on with DANTE (what the what?!) in the third installment of the series.
Oh, snap! Aurora struggles to adjust to her new partner (“Evil Red”) and her life as poisonous vampire bait.
Oh snap! Evil Red mixes it up while Aurora gets in on with Dante (what the WHAT?)
In book 3, Aurora loses her shirt and gets it on with Dante (what the what?)

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